Hammer Time

We attempted to find Nigel Blood before leaving town as we don’t want him hunting us down. Especially Rah’tol since Nigel specializes in hunting down his type of people.

Nigel was nowhere to be found, so the next day we met Vorel Goldscale at the wayfarer’s guild and spent 3000gp on transport back to the cave with the impossible to pick up hammer.

We made it back up to the cave, and found signs that someone (or something) had been through after the party left, finding open doors and burned marks on the floor. But in spite of our caution and searching of the rooms on the way to the forge, we found nothing. Still, most of us weren’t surprised when a group of firey beings burst out of the forge and attacked. We dispatched all but one, who retreated back into the forge. Vorel performed some kind of runecrafty ritual and destroyed the forge.

After checking out the Hammer, Vorel declared it was the final hammer of “The Smith” a human craftsman who trained under most of the other races. He created his own method smithing and his own tools, and was the creator of the ancient crafted style of smithing. Vorel offered us each a Rune on a piece of equipment, or a piece of equipment from his shop.
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