Lady Luck

Chaotic Neutral

Her portfolio includes luck, travel, chaos, charm, and trickery.

Holy symbol – dice or shears cutting thread

Fortuna is the goddess of luck and fate. Oft represented as a blindfolded or blind maiden holding dice, scales or thread. Her temples are often casinos in cities but in villages and small towns it is generally an austere temple open to all. Her clerics worship her as a fickle woman that often favors the bold, so they are most often the adventuring type.

Her headquarters lie in Carsi in an old city by the ocean, Siena which is also home to a great merchant fleet. Sailors and merchants are some of her biggest worshippers so it makes sense for her to be her. Some say her worship started in this area thousands of years ago but no one truly knows. The head of her order is Mistress Fate, the heads of temples are known as Lord or Lady Chance, and her individual clerics are referred to as Chips.


Nor-thym Menagon