Lady of Storms

Chaotic Neutral

Holy symbol – a lightning bolt or a cresting wave

Galene is the wife of Volos and a more passionate but chaotic woman does not exist. She is the patron of sailors and fisherman, feared and respected by them all. One can never tell when a mood will strike her and she will be calm or throw a storm at you. Her temples tend to be on the coasts but you do find them inland since she is goddess of sea and storms. She is represented as a beautiful woman with blueish skin and green hair, gills on her neck and elongated nails.

Her headquarters is located in Marburg, a city of great sea traffic on the coast of Brabane. From here the head of the order sends out merchants, cartographers, and all manner of seafaring folk. The head of the Order, Storm Warden Galent currently, is much looked up to for her knowledge of business, ship building, and her ability to know the seas and predict storms. The heads of temples are known as wave mistresses or masters and the individual clerics are called Storms, while initiates are called squalls.


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