Lord of Honor

Lawful Good

His portfolio includes Glory, good, law, war and nobility.

Holy Symbol – A gauntlet holding a downward facing sword.

Honos is the god of chivalry, honor, and justice. He is venerated mostly by the Brabanese as the pinnacle of chivalry. His clerics are warriors and his followers delight in honorable combat. He appears as a giant of a man clad in shining platemail on a great steed (horse or dragon depending). His tenets are to always follow the code of chivalry, act with honor to all those that deserve it and justice should always be swift. His temples tend to look like military compounds and often have dueling grounds and tilting fields nearby.

His main temple is located in Rhein, the capital of Brabane. From here the Lord Marshall commands the clerics of Honos in their battle versus evil. The head of the order, The Lord Marshall, is the most accomplished warrior within their ranks. Beneath him are the Commander, head of a temple; the Marshall was next and generally works in the field but commands a group of knights, and last is the cleric, the man or woman in the field fighting for honor.


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