Central – (used by Kassel, Lysell, Dogen, Chormaquan, Umayyad, Tivertsi, Carsi and Brabane)

Merchant tongue – most used

Umaydi – Local dialect and native language of the Umayyad (Persian)

Tivertian – local dialect and native language of the Tivertsi (Russian)

Carsi – Local dialect and native language of the Carsi – (Italian)

High Doge – Similar to Draconic this language is the language of the mageocratic elite and based on the language of the Dorel-Sobenth (the predessesors of the Dogen) (Latin)

Chormaquan – local dialect and native tongue of the Chormaquan (mongols)

Elven – Spoken by the Elves, most common in Lysell but heard in Dogen and other areas as well.

Dwarven – Spoken by the Dwarves. There are two main Dialects but both are similar enough that the one language covers them both

Goblinoid – Spoken by the Goblinoid races and not many others. Heard most often from the Rangers of Lysell or the Wardens of Kassel whom both hunt the Goblinoid races from their areas.

Other – Draconian, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal, Sylvan


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