Metis and Ogma

Mistress of Magic and the Master of Lore

Neutral Good and Neutral Evil

Their portfolios are magic, knowledge, artifice, and rune.

Holy symbol – Metis is thirteen stars in a ring or a scroll with thirteen runes on it, Ogma is an open book or an unraveled scroll

These twin gods are the goddess of magic and the god of knowledge. Generally viewed as twins wearing robes and carrying books or scrolls. Between them they embody the sum of creation, both magic and knowledge. Their temples are libraries and are generally a good place to go to find scrolls and minor magical items.

Their headquarters is located in the capital city of Dogen, Oita. From there they acquire knowledge and spread it to those that have a desire to learn. The two gods share one church and one head of the church, but the temples are generally split for one or the other. The head of the order has a seat on the Dogen Mageocratic Council and is given quite a bit of respect even though the current incumbent is not from Dogen. The head of the order is Chancellor, the heads of the mage temples are known as Magus, while the heads of the knowledge temples are known as Librarians. The individual magic clerics are known as Arcanists and the knowledge clerics are known as Catalogers.

Metis and Ogma

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