The Lady of Healing

Chaotic Good

Her portfolio includes Healing, Protection, Good, and Community.

Holy symbol – a pair of clasped hands (often tied with red cord)

Orisha is a goddess that has been around for a great time, possibly before the Mage War. She is oft represented as a lovely looking woman in early middle age dressed in white with a red sash. She caters to the sick, the injured and the dying. Her tenets are simple, help those in need and provide what aid you can. Her temples double as both hospitals and homes for the downtrodden and homeless.

Her main temple is located in the Umayyad city of Yazd, the closest point to the Great Wasteland as you can get and survive. Her clergy are mostly all refered to as Sister or Brother, the exceptions are the head of each temple are refered to as Matron or Master, and the head of the order is known as Abbess and is always female.


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