Central Pantheon

Some of these gods were once mortals and found a way to ascend to power. The deities below are the current gods worshiped in the central lands. Other gods do exist as well as other pantheons, but the central pantheon is by far the most recognized the players will come across.

Most of these deities have either been around for a great time or have been added to this pantheon over the years. The pantheon itself has arisen in the last 10000 years from the fallout of the Great Mage War and how the different societies have arisen since and interacted. Regional deities have been added as they grow in popularity and migrate to new lands. Sometimes gods have merged when two exist from different regions and are added to the pantheon. Little is understood about how this works or why it happens but the various priests and clerics know when these things happen.

For many people a single god or a handful of gods they can swear to is good enough. Major cities often have temples to many gods but villages often have one or two patron gods they follow. Adventurers often have a patron god they worship (clerics obviously follow but one god) but often will call out for help from various deities when in trouble. So here are the most influential and common gods of the Central Pantheon.

Chaos and Order

Orisha – The Lady of Healing – CG – Healing, Protection, Good, and Community. Holy symbol – a pair of clasped hands (often tied with red cord)

Honos – Lord of Honor – LG – Glory, good, law, war and nobility. Holy Symbol – A gauntlet holding a downward facing sword.

Sebitti – The Gods of War – C? – Artifice, Chaos, Death, Destruction, Glory, Madness, Strength. Holy symbol – two clashing blades

Volos – Lord of Death – LN – Law, Death, Darkness, Earth, and Repose. Holy Symbol – either a scythe or a set of scales depending on which aspect you are worshiping.

Fortuna – Lady Luck – CN – Luck, Travel, Chaos, Charm, and Trickery. CN. Holy symbol – dice or shears cutting thread.

Metis and Ogma – Mistress of Magic and the Master of Lore – NG & NE – magic, knowledge, artifice, and rune – Holy symbol – Metis is thirteen stars in a ring or a scroll with thirteen runes on it, Ogma is an open book or an unraveled scroll.

Galene – Lady of Storms – CN – Holy symbol – a lightning bolt or a cresting wave

Ava – Mother Nature – N – Holy symbol – A blossoming tree or a sheaf of grain.

Etana – Lady of Undeath – CE – Holy symbol – a grinning skull with long hair or a clawed skeletal hand.

Tohil – Lord of Light – LG – Holy symbol – the sun or a golden chariot.

Nyx – Mother Night – Holy symbol – the crescent moon or a mask

At-Beyi – The Wind Steed – CG – Holy symbol – a running horse or a vortex of wind.

Ceres – Hafling Mother – CG – Holy symbol – a cornucopia

Alfar – King of the Hunt – CE – Holy Symbol – a clawed hand dripping blood.

Elven Pantheon

3 gods, the father (forest), the moon and the sun (brother sister)

Eoboirean – Forest Father – CG – Holy symbol – a great tree or a harp

Fin Bheara – Brother Sun – CN – Holy symbol – the sun

Iunadh – Sister Moon – CE – Holy symbol – the full moon

Dwarven Pantheon

2 gods, the forger and the smelter – diametrically opposed, the forger represents order and creation while the smelter represents chaos and destruction. Dwarves believe in reincarnation and that their souls will return later as another dwarf to hopefully one day be a hero or legend worthy of having the forger forge them anew.

Amurra – The Forger – LG – Holy symbol – an anvil or a hammer

Enten – The Smelter – LE – Holy symbol – a cracked hammer or a broken axe


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