The Gods of War

Various Chaotic

The portfolios of the Sebitti include: artifice, chaos, death, destruction, glory, madness, and strength.

Holy symbol – Two clashing blades

The Sebitti are not one god but several that are generally prayed to before war or battle. The various gods that make up the Sebitti represent all of the aspects of War. Originally worshipped by the Tivertsi, Carsi and the Chormaquan, they have spread to be included as the Central Pantheons War deities. Older war gods have been subsumed into the Sebitti and taken on new aspects. They are a chaotic lot for the most part and their temples are often fortified grounds where mercenaries tend to congregate.

Sebitti members include:

  • Neri goddess of valor CG
  • Durga god of frenzy CE
  • Ikeya goddess of victory CG
  • Phobos god of panic and rout CE
  • Pallas god of warcraft and knowledge CN
  • Alala goddess of slaughter CE
  • Maher god of battle CN.

The Gods of War have no main temple. Since they are an amalgamation of various deities from a variety of backgrounds they instead choose to vary their headquarters between different cities as if they were involved in a military campaign. Every 5 to 10 years the main headquarters is moved to a different temple. The process involved with this is complicated and the amount of time between changes differs based on a complex code really only known to the church hierarchy. Currently the Sebitti headquarters is on its third year being located in the city of Ostia in Kassel. The head of the order changes when the location changes so no one person has the might of the war gods for very long. The current incumbent is Warmaster Gareth who is in charge of the entire Sebitti. The heads of the individual gods are each known as War Leader. After them come the heads of the individual temples, known as Battle Lords. And the rank and file in the field are known as Victus.


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