Lord of Death

Lawful Neutral

His portfolio includes Law, Death, Darkness, Earth, and Repose

Holy Symbol – either a scythe or a set of scales depending on which aspect you are worshiping

Volos is the god of death, transitions and judgement. He is often depicted as a muscular man with a skull mask bearing scales or a scythe. His temples are generally cemeteries or mortuaries. His clerics come in two branches, the first being the morticians that focus on maintaining the dead and helping the grieving families, the second are known as the ravens and are hunters of the undead, abominations in the eyes of Volos.

The Grand Cemetery, headquarters for the church, is located in Kholm, the capital of Tiversti. The Grand Cemetery is a series of buildings, masoleums, and one of the largest cemeteries in the world. From here the Grey Walker, the head of the church, oversees the activities of the two knightly orders and the standard clergy. The standard clergy are morticians, grief counselors, and when needs must, defenders of the living. They are known usually as Wardens. The two knightly orders are the Order of the Raven and the Order of Bone. The Order of the Raven’s job is to travel the land and make sure that those that die away from civilized lands get the proper rites to be put to rest, they are known as Mortis and the head of the order is known as Raven. The Order of Bone has a tough job. Known as Reapers, their task is to go out and cleanse the world of the undead. Undeath is an abomination upon the world and their job is to make sure undead are put down and that the slain do not rise again. The head of their order is the Scythe – Gustav Yakim.


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